Screenprinted posters have become a staple in music, DIY culture, and fine art.
A well designed and well printed poster is a great way to take your merch or portfolio to the next level.

Let us help bring your wildest poster dreams to life!

Paper types

We can source a wide variety of paper and flatstock, so if you have something particular in mind, just ask! Our go-to for poster and flatstock printing is #100 cover paper from French Paper Company - one of America's oldest family-owned paper mills. Scroll down to check out our favorite papers from French Paper.

Paper sizes

Our standard sizes are 8.5 X 11, 11 X 17, or 12.5 X 19
Have something else in mind? Give us a call.
For best results going from computer screen to paper, use our Poster Template to make sure we print your project just how you envision.
Download our Poster Template.


For high contrast, eye-catching colors, and a sturdy, quality feel, look no further.
French Paper's Pop-Tone line comes in 24 "sweet" colors that make a premium poster.


French Paper Company's Construction Paper is a lot like the construction paper you made turkeys out of in school.
Touted as "the world's strongest color paper line", this stuff carries a certain weight that makes whatever you print on it really feel like something special.


Kraft-Tone is a super-sturdy paper made from wood fibers.
It's got a heavy-duty, utility paper feel and comes in 11 beautiful colors.

Not sure which paper is right for your project? Let's chat.
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