Custom Screenprinting; just way better.

When it comes to custom t-shirts, you have a lot of choices: online vs local, cheap vs premium. There are great screenprint shops that ship nationwide (us included) and we're fortunate enough to have a handful of screenprinting shops in northern Colorado that have mastered the craft of printing custom apparel. Although the standard in our local t-shirt printing industry has been set high, we are proud to do things a little differently. Some might even say we do things better.

We have options if you're ballin' on a budget, but if you're looking for dirt cheap, we're probably not your guys. T-shirt printing is like anything else; you get what you pay for. We're usually not the cheapest because we take the time to create high-quality custom printed apparel with sustainable screenprinting methods. Scroll down to learn about how we're changing the screenprint game.



Quick turnaround

From the time we finalize your design and receive a deposit, we average 7 -10 business days to final delivery. If you're really in a pinch and need it quicker, just ask;  sometimes we can pull it off!

10-Piece Minimum

All it takes is 10 tees, hoodies, or posters to get started. We love the little guy because we are the little guy. Our low minimums are all about helping people start brands, businesses, and projects. 

Straightforward Pricing

We keep pricing super simple: no screen fees or setup fees. This makes budgeting and pricing your project a lot easier.



The water-based difference

Through industrialization and large scale commercialization, custom screenprinting has evolved into a pretty toxic process. The industry standard ink is a petroleum-based substance known as Plastisol. This stuff is great at making opaque, high contrast prints on t-shirts, but it can only be cleaned with the use of solvents and the ink itself is pretty nasty in general. 

At Pine Printshop, we screenprint differently. We call it Cleanprinting. We've left behind the petroleum-based inks and harmful chemicals and replaced them with exclusively water-based inks that result in equally durable and usually softer prints. Even better, everything can be cleaned up with a little water and an old t-shirt. Neat-o, right? We think so.

We've taken a lot of the chemicals and oil out of the equation, but water remains an integral part of the Cleanprinting process. As H20 becomes an increasingly scarce resource, we're very conscious of how we treat the stuff that comes through our shop. Water used to clean our screens and tools is run through a 3-stage filter that removes our inks, sending the water on its way as clear as it was when it entered our shop.


Our Order Process


Step 1: Design

If you're bringing your own design, check out our Artwork Requirements. If you need help with designing your t-shirt or poster, we're here to help. When we've finalized your design, we'll help you choose the best garment and print method for your project.


Step 2: Proof & Payment

As soon as we've finalized a garment and print method, we'll put together a pre-production proof to mock-up print size, placement, and your size breakdown. This is your opportunity to make final tweaks to your design.

When you've approved the proof, we'll send you an invoice that you can pay right from your email. For orders under $500, we require payment in full to start production.

Step 3: Print & Deliver

At this point, we've nailed down all the details of your project and you can let us do what we do best.

Upon receiving payment, we'll order your blank garments and make your screens. As soon as they arrive, we start printing! Depending on the size of your order, we average 5 - 7 business days from payment to final delivery.

Screen fees
Setup fees
Hidden fees

No fees. One price.

No-Fee Pricing: We keep pricing simple and straightforward. Instead of fees for every step of the screenprint process, we've boiled it down to one, easy to understand, per-piece price.

How It Works: Pricing is a function of 3 factors:

  1. Print colors & locations: The number of colors and print locations your design has. If you're ballin' on a budget, the simpler design, the better. If you'd like to simplify your design, we can help! // Get some design help

  2. Garment: Custom t-shirts are just like anything else: you get what you pay for. We have options for a wide range of budgets, but we usually steer customers toward the intersection of quality and affordability. // Click here to check our go-to garments

  3. Quantity: How many garments / posters you order. The more you buy, the less expensive per-piece. Fortunately, if you're just starting out, our minimum order is just 10 pieces! // Click here to get your order started.

If you don't care how it works and just want a quote,


Printing Methods & Capabilities

HSA Water-based Screenprinting

HSA (High Solids Acrylic) waterbased inks are our go-to for screenprinted posters and apparel. HSA inks allow us to create a smooth, opaque print without the use of petroleum products or toxic cleaning solutions. When used correctly, HSA inks create great looking prints with a smooth, soft feel.

HSA inks are nearly unlimited in applications. They can be printed on any color and any kind of fabric. As a general rule, if the ink color is lighter than the garment color, we'll have to put a layer of white ink called an underbase underneath your colors to create contrast and make them "pop" against the color of the garment.

Pantone® Matching

We're able to match every Pantone under the sun. Best of all, this service is included in our pricing; no additional charges involved. If you have specific colors in mind for your project, be sure to let us know!

Discharge Screenprinting

For the softest feel, we use discharge ink. Discharge is a water-based ink that infiltrates the fabric it's printed on, extracts the existing dye, and re-colors the fibers. Unlike other print methods that are cured on top of fabric, discharge prints actually become part of the garment, and after the first wash you usually can't feel the print texture at all.

Unfortunately, not everything can be printed with discharge ink. Due to the chemistry of the print process, discharge ink only reacts with cotton. Some colors of cotton (blues, reds, and greens) don't cooperate well with discharge ink. Before you count on using discharge printing for your project, check with us to make sure your garment of choice is compatible.

Artwork Requirements


In order to make sure your prints are of the highest quality, we'll need to get your design in vector format.
If you have no idea what that is, that's OK. We're here to help.
If you know what a vector is, use this checklist to make sure it's ready to go to print:

  • All text is Expanded or converted to outlines

  • Design is sized approximately as you want it to print

  • Color Mode is set to CMYK or colors are converted to Spot Colors

  • Acceptable file types: AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, PDF

Ready to get started?

See what people are saying about us

We love working with Pine! Garrett produces some of the highest quality printed products we have ever seen, and every print gets better. The turn around time is NUTS, and the service is even better. We have fully switched over to doing business with Pine Brand for all our fabric (and other custom branded) printing needs. Thanks!
— Andrew Webb, Bindle Coffee
Timely, great service and product was exactly what I was expecting. No hidden charges and they were super friendly and accommodating to any changes. Thanks!
— Aaron Alexander, St. Peter's Fly Shop
Garrett was so easy to work with and offers excellent pricing for small orders of 10. He does a flat rate pricing system which makes it easier to understand and compare (he came in lower than 10 other companies I quoted with). His turnaround time for my order was 4 days! I’m sure he can’t do this for all but he even picked up a chef shirt that I wanted printed and dropped off my order. Quality of print is Excellent! He’s got my business as long as I’m in business. So glad that Pine printshop’s name crossed my path.
— Rachel Rodriguez, Rollin' Stone Wood Fired Pizzeria